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Preparazione efficace all'autogestione del diabete mellito.


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OUR MISSION... (art. 4 of the charter)

The Committee is non-profit and pursues exclusively the purpose of studying, researching and disseminating scientific information. Its activity consists in the development and evaluation of educational programs and tools, realized in order to facilitate the independence of the patients suffering from chronic diseases.

e-mail: a.maldonato@gmail.com

Furthermore it works with the aim of emphasizing the importance of prevention and early diagnosis of chronic diseases and diabetes in particular, and to encourage research in this direction.

Tel. +39 06 3630 3372

Cell. +39 340 4999 360

Hours: All working days from 9:00 to 18:00 

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Registered office:
Via A. Nibby 7, 00161

Operational headquarters:
Via Giuochi Istmici 16, 00135


Fiscal Code:  9716 4840 585