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Mini-trekking on Lucretili Mountains


It is known that physical activity is good for health, as long as it is frequent, of moderate intensity and of consitent duration (minimum 30-60 minutes per day). Moreover, if carried out in "pleasant" conditions (everyone will know what meaning to attribute to this adjective: in company/alone, in the open air/in the gym or swimming pool, independently/with an instructor, with a hint of agonism/in total relaxation, etc. ...) is also good for the spirit.

For those with type-2 diabetes, physical activity enhances all the effects of the treatment, of which it is a fundamental pillar (in some cases it seems that diabetes has healed). For those with type-1 diabetes, conversely, physical activity - while healthy - involves the need to adapt the other elements of care with finesse and competence: insulin dosage and nutrition, to avoid annoying changes in blood sugar.

We have chosen an activity that takes place in nature and that joins the (re)discovery of parts of our territory that are as fascinating as they are not often visited. We have therefore organized - in collaboration with D-project (president Simona Tarascio) - some mini-trekkings (where the prefix "mini" indicates only that you do not march with a tent, sleeping bag, crockery and stoves on your shoulders, but you sleep in B&B and have dinner in restaurants... or castles!). As always happens in such meetings, each has benefited, in the management of their diabetes, not only from the advice of doctors but also from exchanges with other participants.

Below the description of the mini-trekkings already carried out.

24-27 / 10 2019. After two years, a consolidated tradition resumes, following the Tivoli-San Polo dei Cavalieri, San Polo-Roccagiovine, Roccagiovine-Orvinio route. Participation is so small that it tests the most steadfast enthusiasm. Ironically, two obese sisters join - one of them with diabetes - who have no idea of walking, much less in the mountains, and after the first painful half-pit that takes us to San Polo dei Cavalieri (partly by car), we ask parents to pick them up the next morning. Two chronically ill patients remain with the group : Nino with T2 diabetes and Antonella with MS.

In all, 8 participants including two diabetologists, two accompanying persons and two ... retreats.

12-14 / 5 2017. Route: Orvinio-Castel Di Tora, Castel di Tora-Vallecupola(via M. Navegna). We repeat the two final stages of the "Trekking of the 3 Parks" as in 2013. This time, however, we take advantage of the excellent B&B of Orvinioand we meet there on Friday evening, after leaving three cars in Vallecupola, ready to enjoy the hospitality of Mrs. Paola and her daughter Roberta of "Vini& Cucina". Before leaving the restaurant, I ask all the participants to write a few lines on what physical activity represents for each one (1). On Saturdaymorning, after a rich breakfast prepared by Simonettaand Camillo, we leave early, traveling in reverse (south-north), a stop on the Way of St. Benedict, rediscovered and marked few years ago.

Participants 17: 5 people with T1 diabetes, 1 person with T2 diabetes, 1 person with MS, 2 doctors and 8 family-carers.


7-9 / 10 2016. Still a new route this year, which has allowed us to complete the "Trekking of the 3 Parks" along the two central stages (Roccagiovine-Orvinioand Orvinio-Castel di Tora). Despite the uncertain predictions, the weather has given us two wonderful autumn days without rain or wind, contradicting the usual accuracy of the various specialized apps.

Participants 15: 4 persons with T1 diabetes, 1 person with T2 diabetes, 1 person with MS, 2 doctors and 7 family-carers.

Logistics were a bit 'more complex than usual because, being two stages in line, on Friday evening we had to bring three cars to the point of arrival.

Among people with T1DM, for the first time with us, Eleonora Betti, singer-songwriter from Tuscany, settled in Rome, also known for her blog: "diabetedartista".



28-30 /6 2013, new route: Orvinio- Castel di Tora- Vallecupola.

Meeting on Friday evening at Roccagiovine; Saturday transfer to Orvinioand march about 5 hours 30, traveling in a south-north direction one of the stages of the Way of St. Benedict, up to Castel di Tora; Sunday, crossing of M. Navegna (1508 m) to Vallecupola, passing 1000 m of uphill gradient and 700 downhill.

Participants 6: 1 person with type-2 diabetes, 1 person with MS, 2 doctors, 2 carers.


21-23 /5 2013, same route of 2011. Participants 9: 4 people with type-1 diabetes, 3 family members, 2 carers.

1-3 /6 2012, path as in 2011. Participants 8: 3 people with type-1 diabetes, 3 family members, 1 person with MS, 1 doctor.

18-20 /5 2012, path as in 2011. Participants 11: 5 people with diabetes (4 type-1, a type-2); 1 person with MS; 2 doctors; 3 family members.

13-15 /5 2011. Three stages, between Tivoli, S.PolodeiCavalieriand Roccagiovine, along ancient but not very popular trails, in an environment rich in natural treasures, such as the Serevitolacork oak, and precious documents from the past, such as the Castle of S. Polo deiCavalieri, ancient seat of the LinceiAccademia, or the Villa of Horace near Roccagiovine.

The first afternoon we walk about 3 hours, starting from the Tivoli station and facing a fairly steep initial slope; the second stage, from S.Poloto Roccagiovinetakes about 5 hours, with the possibility of reaching the summit of Monte Gennaroin another 2 hours; the third stage, in about 5 hours, takes by another route to S.Polofrom where, around one o'clock, we could reach the starting point by bus.

Participants 6: a person with type-1 diabetes, a person with multiple sclerosis (treated with interferon), 1 doctor, 2 family members, an accompanying person.


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